• New video released for “Just Can’t Deny,” the first track off of the new album “Dirty Little Secret”.

    This new video is a Steam-Punk inspired love story, and stop-motion-animation, containing thousands of individual still images. Featuring Eric Olsson and Emilene Rodley, this new music video by Brendan Daly (Thunderbolt Productions) is a nod to classic cinematography, before man walked on the moon. Two lovers with irreconcilable differences meet in a piano warehouse, but […]

  • You can now listen to Eric Olsson on Pandora.

    You can now listen to Eric Olsson on Pandora. Just type in Eric Olsson under search artist to add to one of your stations. http://www.pandora.com/music/artist/eric+olsson

  • Valley Advocate reviews “Dirty Little Secret”

    Eric Olsson’s songwriting has evolved significantly since he mostly shelved the guitar and began obsessing over the piano. Dirty Little Secret showcases every aspect of this transformation, from ragtime to jumpy, Blues Brothers/zydeco-inspired fare to intimate ballads. At its best, it’s achieved something as genuinely Chicago blues/New Orleans Cajun as you can get in New […]

  • “Dirty Little Secret” available June 2011!

    “Dirty Little Secret,” by Eric Olsson, is a piano driven rock album that pulls elements from New Orleans-style stride, boogie woogie, blues, and gospel piano. And it’s recorded to tape. Good, old-fashioned, frustrating, noisy tape. If you drop a magnet next to it, you’ll pull all the sound off of it and lose the whole day’s work! Listen […]