• New video released for “Just Can’t Deny,” the first track off of the new album “Dirty Little Secret”.

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    This new video is a Steam-Punk inspired love story, and stop-motion-animation, containing thousands of individual still images. Featuring Eric Olsson and Emilene Rodley, this new music video by Brendan Daly (Thunderbolt Productions) is a nod to classic cinematography, before man walked on the moon. Two lovers with irreconcilable differences meet in a piano warehouse, but their date does not go as planned. Besieged by bitter recriminations, difference in taste, bad wine, and bothersome waiters, they are beguiled and swept away to the races by a montage of Eadweard J. Muybridge’s moving picture horse that long-ago proved that horses do run with all four hooves off the ground.

    Just Can’t Deny video
    Directed by: Brendan Daly, Thunderbolt Productions
    Featuring: Eric Olsson and Emilene Rodley
    Photography: Brendan Daly
    © 2011 Eric Olsson

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